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NCP Goa president Jose Phillip D'Souza (Photo/ANI)
NCP Goa president Jose Phillip D'Souza (Photo/ANI)

NCP warns former Goa RSS chief on statement against St Francis Xavier

ANI | Updated: Apr 30, 2022 23:19 IST

Panaji (Goa) [India], April 30 (ANI): The Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) Goa president Jose Phillip D'Souza on Saturday warned former Goa RSS chief Subhash Velingkar for making derogatory statements against 16th-century Spanish priest St Francis Xavier.
This comes after former state Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Subhash Velingkar said that St Francis Xavier is not the patron saint of the land.
The NCP leader said that people from across the world come to Goa to worship St Francis Xavier on December 3, which marks the feast of St Francis Xavier in the Roman Catholic Church.
"St Francis Xavier is our patron. He is known as the patron saint of Goa. They have insulted our saint. Nobody has the right to pass such remarks. Who gave Subhash Velingkar the right to say that St Francis Xavier is not the patron saint of the land?," the NCP leader asked.
After the Portuguese invaded Goa, Xavier was one of the earliest Catholic missionaries to arrive in the newly conquered colony. Some claim that he arrived for the purpose of proselytisation and hold him responsible for the Goa Inquisition.

If Velingkar again gives such statements again, the NCP will not remain quiet, he warned.
"Not just us, the people of Goa will not remain silent. Do not repeat this," D'Souza added.
Meanwhile, Velingkar will launch the 'Goa Files' campaign, on the occasion of Parasuram Jayanti, through which he aims to create awareness about Xavier's atrocities.

"Parshuram Jayanti is on May 3, when we will be releasing the 'Goa Files' campaign. This campaign will run across Goa for 20 days. St Francis Xavier is not the protector of Goa, Bhagwan Parshuram is," Velingkar said.
With the campaign, Velingkar said, another thing he wishes to bring in front of the people is that "Xavier through the Goa Inquisition committed atrocities on the people of Goa."
He further said, "We want to bring it to the fore how Xavier suppressed the people." (ANI)