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National Commission for Women Chairperson Rekha Sharma (Photo/ANI)
National Commission for Women Chairperson Rekha Sharma (Photo/ANI)

NCW to write to CM about callous attitude of Jharkhand DGP on women issues

ANI | Updated: Dec 11, 2021 16:14 IST

Ranchi (Jharkhand) [India], December 11 (ANI): National Commission for Women Chairperson Rekha Sharma said that she will write to Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren about the callous attitude of Director-General of Police (DGP) Neeraj Sinha on women's issues.

Talking to ANI in Ranchi NCW Chairperson Rekha Sharma said, "We have around 300 pending cases on which police had not responded. I met with the Director-General of Police Neeraj Sinha. DGP was not serious. He met very casually like a friend coming over tea. He thought I am there to have a cup of tea only."

"We had already sent him the concerned issues, he was neither prepared nor carrying any Action Taken Report (ATR). He was dodging his answers. He was very casual. I didn't find seriousness in the meeting. There were matters related to dowry death, rape attempt to murder. He was not serious on such matters. I find it disturbing," she added.

"Since I had met CM before meeting with DGP, I could not take up this matter to him. I will write to CM and the Governor demanding instruction to DGP to take women's matters seriously," she added.

During her visit to Jharkhand, she also visited the state government-run mental hospital. According to her, there are many women who are mentally fit and not eligible to be in the mental hospital but they are still there.

One shocking case is allegedly related to Jharkhand Assembly Speaker. Speaker Rabindra Nath Mahto has written the letter to keep a woman in the hospital citing she is not mentally fit. While, according to the NCW chairperson, she is suffering from OCD. Rakha Sharma said that how can a Speaker write such a letter.

"I will write a formal letter to CM and Speaker that they should not advantage of their political influence. If taking advantage, do so to help women not to make them suffer. I think this is very irresponsible that you (speaker) are neither a doctor nor consulting any and wrote that she is mentally challenged...How can a speaker write such letter"

"I will write a formal letter to Chief Minister and the Speaker that they should not take advantage of their political influence," she said. 

She also raised the issue of trafficking of women from Jharkhand and concerns regarding the practice of witch-hunting in Jharkhand. According to her, these two serious things are prevalent in Jharkhand and not much has been done to put a stop to them. "Though the state government has passed the law against atrocities against women in the name of witch-craft practice. In addition, there is no state women commission in Jharkhand. These all aspects have been discussed," she said. (ANI)