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AK Bhagi, the DUTA President. (Photo/ANI)
AK Bhagi, the DUTA President. (Photo/ANI)

NDTF wins DUTA elections, to emphasise on salary, one-time regularisation of ad-hoc teachers

ANI | Updated: Nov 28, 2021 02:12 IST

New Delhi [India], November 28 (ANI): National Democratic Teachers Front (NDTF) won the Delhi University Teachers Association (DUTA) elections held on Friday.
AK Bhagi, the DUTA president while talking to ANI termed the election victory of his front as a 'victory of teachers and the teacher's movement'.
"We want simultaneous development of both education and educators. When we talk about the development of education, we talk about the employees and students that make up the education system. We want the number of public-funded colleges to increase not only in this university, but in India as well. We want that Centre-approved and funded colleges affiliated with the central universities are opened in every district of the country. This will lead to the development of the higher education sector," he added.
He emphasised that a great higher education system will benefit the entire country and the world as a whole.
Bhagi said that DUTA will welcome various demands of the students regarding facilities and public funding for the educational institutions. "We want students to take full advantage of their time here as students so that they turn out to be good citizens," he added.

He urged the Delhi government to remove the fund cut implemented for 12 DU colleges fully funded by it.
"Salary is important. All colleges in Delhi University must get the salaries in a regular and smooth manner. There are many employees who have not received their salaries due to these cuts," he added.
He also urged the Centre to make provisions that will help the colleges to retain the ad-hoc teachers.
"There is a lot of ad-hocism in Delhi University and a lot of contract appointments in teaching and non-teaching fields are made. These people have been teaching in the university for years, they have all the capabilities and talents, they know the system really well and are performing. What will happen to their families if they are removed? They cannot be ignored," he added.
The last DUTA elections were won by the Democratic Teachers Front (DTF) after which Rajiv Roy was made the president of the body. (ANI)