Karnataka Minister for Higher Education, Dr C.N Ashwatha Narayana. (File Photo/ANI)
Karnataka Minister for Higher Education, Dr C.N Ashwatha Narayana. (File Photo/ANI)

NEP will strengthen regional languages: Karnataka Education Minister

ANI | Updated: Aug 31, 2021 02:31 IST

Mangaluru (Karnataka) [India], August 31 (ANI): Implementation of National Education Policy (NEP-2020) will further strengthen Indian languages including Kannada and opportunities will be provided for students to choose language as an open elective also, Karnataka Minister for Higher Education Dr C.N Ashwatha Narayana stated on Monday.
Addressing a press conference here at the University of Mangaluru, he said the policy is intended to create well-rounded personalities.
There will be no threat to Kannada or any other regional language with the implementation of NEP. Learning of Kannada for 2 years at degree level will be made mandatory. Besides, an opportunity will also be given to select a language as an open elective, the Minister explained.
NEP will bring about a change in the way of assessment and accordingly in the teaching-learning process also. This policy also aspires to impart all the required knowledge and skills as a part of studies itself, Narayana explained.

The Minister further said, "To facilitate implementation of NEP, help-lines have been set up at the state and university levels and it has been asked to start help desks at institution levels, Further, 10,000 teaching faculty will be trained and workshops, seminars, interactions, etc, will be widely conducted."
Prior to this, inaugurating a one-day seminar on NEP-2020 organized by the University of Mangaluru, he said, NEP aspires that colleges should come out of the present affiliation system and each institution should grow as such to be able to award a degree on its own.
Saying, quality education will become a reality only through strong institutions and NEP paves way for the empowerment of institutions by allowing for collaborations and partnerships, he added, the NEP introduced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the biggest reformation introduced after Independence.
P. Pradeep, the Commissioner, Department of Collegiate and Technical Education said, the policy aims to achieve the intended target by bringing about change in curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment.
Dr N.Vinay Hegade, Chancellor, Nitte University (Deemed to be), said, NEP will enable creating globally competitive graduates. (ANI)