New Year: A celebration or just cold night for pavement dwellers?

ANI | Updated: Dec 31, 2017 06:05 IST

New Delhi [India] December 31, (ANI): While people across the nation are excited to celebrate the new year with great fervor, people residing on the pavements are struggling with cold nights and empty stomachs.

For many, new year is a day of celebration, but for the pavement dwellers January 1 is just another ordinary day.

Earlier in 2012, the Supreme Court had directed states to build shelters for the homeless, after a petition was filed in the wake of deaths on the street in the Delhi winter.

Struggling with their misery, the pavement dwellers have no big plans for new year but they are only expecting a relief in form of shelter and food from the government.

"We live on the street as we don't have house to live in. We use paper scraps and leaves to make a fire to get through the cold nights.. We expect that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will do something for poor in the upcoming year," said a boy who lives at a pavement near the Yamuna Bank in Delhi.

A man, who resides in his small shop, sought a shelter home from the government in the new year.

Now will the government pay heed to their apathy and gift them a shelter home as new year present or it would just turn a deaf ear to their misery? (ANI)