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New York Times carries factually incorrect full-page ad towing Pak's line on Kashmir

ANI | Updated: Sep 27, 2019 23:08 IST

Washington [US], Sept 27 (ANI): US-based newspaper The New York Times has published a factually incorrect advertisement towing Pakistan's line on Kashmir. The advertisement, which peddles Pakistan's false narrative, blatantly ignores its track record of human rights violations against Christians, Hindus, Shias, Anmadiyas and in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.
The full-page advertisement mentions that it has been sponsored by the International Humanitarian Foundation, which has offices in Kenya, Indonesia and Thailand.
It claims that several million people have been under siege in Kashmir since the abrogation of Article 370 by New Delhi, while in reality the region is limping back to normalcy with the restoration of communication by authorities.
The incorrect narrative in the advertisement overlooks terrorism sponsored by Pakistan in Jammu and Kashmir and other parts of India.
The advertisement says Modi government has refused all offers of dialogue and mediation to resolve issues with Pakistan, however, several peace overtures by India ended with terrorist attacks emanating from Pakistan. India has time and again maintained that terror and talks cannot go hand-in-hand which Pakistan has been unwilling to accept.
Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan's ranting against the RSS also finds a mention in the full-page spread, while it has nothing to say about several terror groups operating freely in Pakistan. (ANI)