Nitin Gadkari questions efficacy of odd-even rule

ANI | Updated: Nov 09, 2017 23:31 IST

New Delhi [India], November 9 (ANI): Union Minister Nitin Gadkari on Thursday questioned the efficacy of the odd-even rule in combating the toxic smog crisis currently enshrouding the northern belt of India, and called for a thorough research and analysis of the problem before deciding on a step.

"After the Supreme Court's decision, firecrackers were minimum. Automobiles, industries and construction work continues round the year so why is it that such a situation has occurred now? The reason behind this should be researched thoroughly to find a solution," Gadkari told ANI.

The Road Transport and Highways Minister opined that the odd-even rule "would have been the solution if it was first researched why the situation has occurred suddenly in the last three days," even though automobiles run the whole year round.

"There is some other reason behind it. I'm going to talk with the Environment Minister and ask him to appoint experts to analyse the problem and find the solution," he added.

Responding to the accusations of the Delhi Government regarding lack of support from the Centre on the issue, Gadkari said, "They should clear what kind of help they need," and added that the problems of air pollution, and water pollution should not be politicised.

The air pollution crisis in the national capital as well as neighbouring regions has worsened recently, with the air quality hitting 'severe' level and toxic haze creating breathing problem among citizens.

In a bid to tackle the public health emergency, the Delhi Government today launched another round of odd-even rule, applicable from November 13 to 17, which entails cars with odd and even number plates to run on alternate days. (ANI)