DCP (Cyber Cell) KPS Malhotra (Photo/ANI)
DCP (Cyber Cell) KPS Malhotra (Photo/ANI)

No amount was withdrawn from high-value account: DCP Cyber Cell

ANI | Updated: Oct 19, 2021 15:20 IST

New Delhi [India], October 19 (ANI): Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) (Cyber Cell) KPS Malhotra on Tuesday informed that despite several attempts, the arrested accused were unsuccessful at withdrawing any amount from the high-end NRI account of HDFC bank.
Delhi Police Cyber Cell arrested 12 people, including three HDFC bank employees, for attempting to make unauthorised withdrawals from a high-value NRI account.
"The accused were not able to withdraw any amount from the account because, during the attempts when the first alert was sounded, an immediate investigation was launched. Our team was working in tandem with the HDFC team," said the DCP.

Further, briefing ANI about the case, Malhotra said, "It was an attempt on a high-value NRI account. The attempt was made in three ways; unauthorised online access, withdrawal using fraudulently obtained cheque book, and using an Indian number similar to the one registered for updating the KYC of the account."
"Being a high-value account, the HDFC bank had put a debit freeze on the account such that unless the account holder tells the bank that a transaction is to be made, no transaction would be finalised. But the arrested accused, with the help of HDFC bank employees, were successful at removing the debit freeze for a window of 15-20 minutes so that they could clear the online transaction," he added.
"Of the three employees arrested, the role of one was to fraudulently obtain a cheque book. The role of the other was to help remove the debit freeze and the credentials of the third one were used for online attempts," the DCP informed.
Malhotra also suggested that to avoid such frauds, one should monitor their account regularly, and if one does online activity, it should be done in a protected environment.
"Do not keep a weak password that anyone can easily access. Take care that no unauthorised person can get hold of a leaflet of your cheque book," he added. (ANI)