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Bomb disposal squad at Delhi's Gazipur Flower Market on Friday. (ANI/file photo)
Bomb disposal squad at Delhi's Gazipur Flower Market on Friday. (ANI/file photo)

No inputs received, says Delhi Police after recovery of IED from Gazipur flower market

ANI | Updated: Jan 15, 2022 15:55 IST

New Delhi [India], January 15 (ANI): The Delhi Police on Saturday claimed that the Intelligence department gave no inputs regarding the possibility of explosives in the Gazipur flower market.
"There were no specific intelligence inputs regarding explosives that were recovered in East Delhi's Gazipur flower market", said a senior Delhi police officer on Saturday.
He added that before any prominent day like Independence Day or Republic day, Intelligence Agencies issue regular terror alerts and suggest extensive patrolling and advising preparation of other security measures but this time, there was no specific alert regarding any terror plot in the Ghazipur area of East Delhi.
"We are waiting for the forensic report regarding the identification of explosive to rule out whether it was a mischievous act or any terror group is behind it," he added.
However, the Intelligence agencies claimed to have sounded terror alert to several states including Delhi and Punjab regarding possible terror attacks.

According to Intelligence Agencies, the terror alert read that many terror organisations are planning to carry out possible terror attacks in several parts of the country especially in North Indian states during and before the elections.
After an improvised explosive device (IED) stuffed with RDX and ammonium nitrate was found inside an unattended bag at the Ghazipur flower market in East Delhi, all units of Delhi Police and central intelligence agencies have been alerted and their senior officers spoke to each other for better coordination in the investigation.
On Friday, an improvised explosive device (IED) weighing around five kilograms and some Indian currency notes were found concealed in a bag lying on the Attari-Bachiwind road in Punjab's Amritsar, close to the India-Pakistan border.
Intelligence agencies are also looking if the IED recovered from Punjab has any connection with explosives recovered in Delhi because RDX is found present in both cases. It is suspected that the explosive recovered in Ghazipur was transported from Punjab.
"Forensic teams have also collected samples from the Gazipur Market area for further information in the case. Delhi Police have been instructed to ensure CCTVs installed at public places are in working condition," said a senior police officer. (ANI)