Northeast Footwings band rocks Delhi with original notes

ANI | Updated: Sep 05, 2017 14:46 IST

New Delhi [India], September 5 (ANI): The music industry is emerging as one of the most promising fields across the globe and contributes fairly to the world's economic growth. And many people, especially the youngsters, are now pursuing careers in the music industry for a better livelihood.

In Northeast India, music has been a part of the people's lifestyle since time immemorial and the region's festivals and fairs are mostly associated with folklore and music.

In an effort to bring out the essence of creativity in music and create a platform for budding talents, Footwings, one of the emerging alternate rock bands from the northeast region, in association with the Symota Noet Music School, organized one-day open house concert in New Delhi recently.

"I took them in and around bars in Delhi for performances. Next year, we are planning to go to the state level with the Symota Noet Music School, where we will form a choir, and the choir will go for fusion-cultural music and contemporary fusion,"said Zeinorin Stephen, Manager, Footwings.

Students from the Symota Noet Music School rocked the stage with their performances and songs.

The Symota Noet Music School is an initiative taken up by Maker Kashung to provide music classes to young upcoming musicians of all levels, beginners to advance and to help identify singers and musicians to discover their music gifts and develop their skills.

The event saw a huge turnout of music lovers especially people from the northeast region who are residing in the city.

"The school is actually very new, it was founded last year. It started as a facility to help some of the vocal students in singing, and I had some request asking me to help them. And over a span of 1 or 2 months, a lot of students started coming. So that's how the school started," said Maker Kashung, Frontman, Footwings.

The event was also aimed at promoting and reviving the Footwings band, which was founded in 2012, and created platforms for many musicians from the northeast, who are now showcasing their talent across the globe.

Moreover, the performance by Footwings created a perfect ambience of sound, rhythm and vocals which brought the people together on single platform and shared the commonness.

One of the beaming audiences from Japan, Takiro added, "The concert was very nice and so do the music. And I am looking forward to come back again. Personally, I don't find any differences of music in Japan and India because everyone loves music. So, music can connect with both countries and all over the world".

Audiences were seen engaged and mesmerized, as the band rocked the stage with their original songs and music.

"I enjoyed a lot, because usually I don't get to see local artist doing original songs and having their own concert. So, this was a great experience and I feel proud that they are really good in what they are doing, and I wish all the very best to them," said Naro, a spectator.

Due to the lack of proper guidance and facilities in music, many youngsters, especially from the rural areas, are unable to hone their talents and fulfill their dreams.

Such musical events go a long way in helping talented youngsters and bring forth talented musicians to the frontline.

When asked as to how to promote music and bring forth the talented youngsters, Kashung gladly added that, "Yes, we should start thinking about opening a lot of good music institutes which in India, we have very less music institutes and I think that would be a key. Also to provide scholarships for people who would not be afford because a lot of the section will come from the rural places where they will not be able to afford the finances because music studies is quite expensive. So build more schools and music institutes".

Such noble act can bring out the hidden talents of the youth and also build a pathway for brighter future. (ANI)