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Northern Railways uses UVC technology to disinfect trains

ANI | Updated: Sep 03, 2021 20:28 IST

New Delhi, [India], September 3 (ANI): Northern Railways has adopted a revolutionary UVC technology on trains after rigorous testing and trials to disinfect the passenger coaches amid the COVID-19 pandemic, said Ashutosh Gangal, General Manager, Northern Railway.
The technology is being used for the first time in Indian Railways in Delhi division in Train No. 02004 (Lucknow Shatabdi Special) at DLT depot since July 2021.
"Full train is being disinfected automatically by using this machine with remote control. This method is capable of covering even crevices between the surfaces which cannot be reached by any other extant procedures. UVC technology is absolutely safe and user-friendly as there is no involvement of human beings during the actual process. The movement of the machine on the washing line is very easy. The passenger feedback has been very positive in favor of this initiative," read the release by the Indian Railways.

The technology utilises a robotic device with autonomous wings installed with UVC Lights for 100 per cent disinfection of the compartment area. The device is operated with the help of wireless remote control for the safety of the operator and the surroundings.
"This technology not only destroys the Nucleus of the coronavirus, rendering it unable to replicate but it is also a green solution for this purpose. Lab tests have been carried out periodically after disinfection by the government-certified lab showing a 99.99 per cent reduction in bacteria, viruses and germs," read the release.
The technology is approved and tested by the Indian Council of Medical Research, CSIO and Tanuvas Study Centre, Government of India and is already being used by Air India Express for cabin disinfection and also being used by hospitals. (ANI)