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CWG COVID-care centre under District Administration-East
CWG COVID-care centre under District Administration-East

Delhi: Number of patients in Covid Centres on rise; 3,098 hospitalised, including 90 on ventilators

By Niranjan Mishra | Updated: Jan 07, 2022 20:07 IST

New Delhi [India], January 7 (ANI): Amid the spike in COVID cases in the national capital, the number of hospitalisations is also on a rise. As of Friday, as many as 3,098 beds at different COVID facilities are occupied, of which, 90 patients are on ICU beds with ventilators, the data on Delhi Corona app revealed.
As per the Delhi government's Corona mobile application, as of 3:30 pm on Friday, out of the 13,904 normal beds at COVID facilities here, 1,423 were occupied. While of the 12,794 oxygen beds, 1,352 were occupied. In the 3,817 available ICU (Intensive Care Unit) facilities for COVID patients, 233 are currently in use, and 90 of the 1,692 ICU beds with ventilators are occupied.
Dr Rajat Jain, the Chairman of NGO Doctors for You, told ANI that the number of patients in the Commonwealth Games Village, an operational Covid Care Centre, has reached 110.
"The Commonwealth Games Village is a 500-bedded Covid Care facility run by Doctors for You, with the help of District Administration- East. All 500 beds are equipped with oxygen. At present, 110 patients are admitted here,'' he said.
"Those with severe symptoms visit hospitals, and the role of such centres is to ensure that hospitals are not overburdened," he added.
Informing that the condition of the patients admitted at the facility is not serious, Jain said, "The patients coming in are not very serious; some are coming from the airport, some from the orphanages and some are those who have lost their parents in the last wave and are panicking now."
He then informed that so far, currently only two patients require oxygen support, however, the facility doesn't know if they have contracted the Omicron variant or the delta.
Highlighting that the present wave is infecting children too, Jain said, "Children are also admitted here; those who are infected have quite a high fever but no child require oxygen yet."
To ensure that the admitted children do not mentally strain themselves because of the infection, Jain informed that the facility has arranged for TV and games like chess, carom etc. (ANI)