Nipah scare in Uttar Pradesh
Nipah scare in Uttar Pradesh

Nurses' leaves cancelled in Meerut hospitals due to Nipah virus scare

ANI | Updated: May 27, 2018 06:36 IST

Meerut (Uttar Pradesh) [India], My 27 (ANI): In view of Nipah virus scare in Kerala">Kerala, some nursing homes and private hospitals in Meerut have cancelled the leaves of their nurses, who wanted to go to their home state Kerala">Kerala.
Dr. JV Chikara, former president of Indian Medical Association, Meerut, said, "Nurses agreed to take this precautionary measure."
Meanwhile, the Bihar Government has also issued an advisory regarding the occurrence of the virus.
The Bihar advisory said that the disease is spread by bats and pigs. Also, people infected with the disease can spread the virus.
The initials symptoms are that of fever, headache and muscle pain in most cases. And a person affected by the virus can slip into comma within 24 - 48 hours.
Hence the advisory directed that people must stay away from bats and pigs to not contract the disease.
Puducherry also issued an advisory on Saturday, mentioning preventive steps to be taken in high-risk areas to check the spread of the contagious disease.
So far, the virus has claimed 12 lives in Kerala">Kerala. (ANI)