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Obscure company offers to 'invest' $500 billion in national infra pipeline, not operating from 'Bengaluru address'

ANI | Updated: May 24, 2021 22:57 IST

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], May 24 (ANI): An obscure company Landamous reality ventures, which gave front-page advertisement on Monday offering to invest 500 billion USD in the National Infrastructure Pipeline and non-NIP projects listed by central government, was not found to be operating from its Bengaluru address mentioned in a website.
In its advertisement, the company said it would like "to invest USD 500 billion in equity as the first phase of investment into the National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP) and Non-NIP projects lined by the Government of India under the India Investment Grid for 'Invest India' initiative".
The website of the company lists the address of Landomus Realty Ventures Inc as Secaucus, New Jersey, USA. The website has no "about us" section and no clue about its promises of massive investments that are slightly less than India's current foreign exchange reserves. All that the website is lists four persons as "directors" apart from a chairman and CEO and five "advisors".
According to Zauba Corp, which gives financial performance of businesses, Landomus Realty Ventures Private Limited is a private incorporated on July 17, 2015. It is classified as non-government company, is registered at Registrar of Companies, Bangaluru and its authorized share capital is Rs. 1,000,000 and paid up capital Rs. 100,000
The website also lists a Bengaluru address of Landamous Reality Ventures. However, when reporters visited the place, there was no signboard of Landamous Reality and security staff at the building said no such company operates from there.

In its advertisement, Landomous Reality Ventures said "it aims to make India a global destination by supporting the completion of NIP and Non-NIP projects along with investors and developers under the India Investment Grid in sectors such as energy, social infrastructure, manufacturing, transport, food processing and agriculture, water and sanitation".
The advertisement, issued as an appeal to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, said the company "aims to assist the Government of India in its stride to achieve USD 5 Trillion GDP target" and urged him to provide an opportunity.
The advertisement, isued by chairman of Landomous Group, also said they have a concrete plan to make India pandemic free and requested for an opportunity to present the plan.
Social media users made light of the advertisement and took also took dig at the investment claims.
"Landomus Realty wants to invest $500 billion in India. Ummm... that's over 36 lakh crore rupees... Bill Gates' net worth is $125 billion. So clearly we should have heard of them before... No?," said a tweet. Another tweet said that no website uses yahoo email. (ANI)