Ajay Kumar Mohapatra
Ajay Kumar Mohapatra

Odisha govt to carry out exercise to find 'exact numbers' of tigers in state

ANI | Updated: Aug 02, 2019 21:27 IST

Bhubaneswar (Odisha) [India], Aug 2 (ANI): The Odisha government will carry out an exercise to find out the exact numbers of the tigers in the state.
Speaking on the numbers of the tigers given in recent census report, Ajay Kumar Mohapatra, PCCF (WL) & Chief Wildlife Warden (CWLW), Odisha stated that many forest areas, where tigers have been spotted, were left out during the recent tiger census carried out by the Centre.
He said that they will carry out an exercise to find out the exact number of the tigers.
"We go by the numbers which is estimated by the Government of India, but this is based on certain sampling methodology decided by the Government of India. There are many areas in Odisha, where it is not possible to put camera traps, in many part of Similipal, Sunabeda and other region of tiger reserves," Mohapatra said here.
"We can't deny and no one can say these numbers are absolute numbers. This is the range that we have given between 26 and 30, there could be more tigers. There are also tigers in the areas which have not been declared tiger reserves. In case we get any evidence, then efforts will be made to collect further evidence and will put camera traps to get the real pictures of the tigers," Mohapatra added.
He shared that there have been evidence of tigers in Sundergarh and Rayagadh.
"Now we don't have evidence, one's we get, we will go for further action to know the exact numbers of tigers in the state," he added. (ANI)