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Police Team with the arrested robber (Photo/ANI)
Police Team with the arrested robber (Photo/ANI)

One arrested, two identified for murder of elderly woman in Delhi

ANI | Updated: Feb 07, 2023 23:08 IST

New Delhi [India], February 7 (ANI): A robber was arrested on Tuesday and two others have been identified for allegedly murdering an elderly woman in Karwal Nagar extension in North-East Delhi last month, police said.
The search is on to nab the other two accused, they said.
The robbers had murdered the 88-year-old woman when she resisted their robbery bid.
The elderly woman was found dead at her house in Karawal Nagar Extension in North-East Delhi on the morning of January 29 by a police team who reached the spot on being informed that the door of a house at Karawal Nagar Extension is broken and no one is answering on knocking. The police team found the woman, who was later identified as Shanti Devi dead on her bed in a tied condition.
"The house was in a ransacked condition giving police the impression that it was looted," officials had said during the investigation.
The Crime and FSL teams were called for an inspection of the scene of the crime.
Further enquiry revealed that Shanti Devi used to live alone as she had fond of memories of her late husband. She was having three well-settled sons who are living separately with their families and used to visit her occasionally, police said.
A case under sections 302 and 392 of the IPC was registered at Dayalpur Police Station and an investigation was taken up.
Assessing the sensitivity of the case, the operation wing and teams of adjacent police stations were also incorporated to assist Dayalpur police. The teams were assigned with specific responsibilities to crack the case.

Through analysis of CCTV footages were conducted and the suspects were earmarked by police.
It was a herculean task like 'tracing a needle in the hay stack', said Police in a statement.
Further investigation revealed their identities as Kamal, his son Badal and Ashok (Son of Kamal's sister) resident of Village Jharoli in Aligarh, UP. A detailed analysis of CDR of their mobile phones confirmed their presence near the house of the victim on a fateful night, police said.
Police, on further investigation, found that Badal used to work at Max Hospital, Vaishali, Ghaziabad (UP) as a housekeeper. On verifying from Max Hospital, it surfaced that Badal was absent from his duty on the date of the incident.
Badal was arrested on Tuesday while secretly trying to enter his house in Karwal Nagar. Sensing police presence, he tried to flee from the spot. However, he was apprehended by the police team present in the area.
During interrogation, he confessed his crime and disclosed that he along with his father Kamal and cousin Ashok committed the robbery-cum-murder.
On further interrogation, he revealed that his father is a daily wage labourer. A few months back, his father Kamal and cousin Ashok had worked as labourers in the house of the deceased lady when she got the house repaired.
At that time, they observed that she is financially sound and most of the time living alone. Kamal and Ashok told him about this and they prepared a plan to rob her. As planned, they attempted to enter in her house during night hours, twice between January 17 to 22 but due to some obstacles and the movement of police vehicles, they couldn't execute it.
On January 29 they finally entered the house and conducted the robbery. After the robbery, they left the house by covering their faces with monkey caps to conceal their identities. (ANI)