Onion, potato prices may fall in Jan 2020

ANI | Updated: Dec 28, 2019 15:05 IST

New Delhi [India], Dec 28 (ANI): The prices of vegetables, including onions, are likely to come down as new stocks of vegetables have arrived in the market.
In the past few weeks, the skyrocketing prices of the edible bulb have left the consumers teary-eyed. Its retail prices have reached Rs 200 per kilogram while the potato is selling for Rs 40 per kilogram in several parts of the country.
"The prices of onion will become normal within two months and people will not feel the pinch while buying it. The local onion is being sold for Rs 80-100 per kilogram while the onion exported from Turkey is being sold at Rs 50-60 per kilogram. This has helped in maintaining the balance of local onion prices. If the onions from Turkey were not available, then the prices of the local onion could go up to Rs 300-400 per kilogram," said Ankit Buddhiraja, a wholesale seller at Azadpur Mandi in the national capital.
Murli Yadav, another vegetable seller believes that spike in the prices of vegetables was due to monsoon season. "Now the new crop has arrived from many parts of the country, it will help in reducing the prices of tomato, potato, cauliflower, capsicum, and other vegetables."
The onion prices have been on the rise in many states of the country, and this has even sparked protests by the people. (ANI)