Defence Minister Rajnath Singh speaking to ANI.
Defence Minister Rajnath Singh speaking to ANI.

Opposition parties making allegations of misuse of agencies to hide their weakness: Rajnath Singh

ANI | Updated: Dec 30, 2020 07:46 IST

New Delhi [India], December 30 (ANI): Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Wednesday rejected allegations by opposition parties of victimisation by central agencies and said "such baseless allegations should not be levelled to hide one's own weakness".
He said BJP was getting success in election after election and the allegations of opposition parties were not true.
He also recalled BJP's success in Lok Sabha elections.

"No, I don't agree with this. What is the need of victimisation? If we are losing, disheartened and sinking then there can be the need for victimisation. We are winning in every state In every state whether it is Goa, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh by-polls," Rajnath Singh said in an exclusive interview with ANI.
He was asked about the allegations levelled by Congress and some other parties.
"The biggest election was for Lok Sabha. Was any action taken against anyone. Was action taken by ED and CBI? Did not the people of the country give a huge mandate to Modiji. To hide one's own weakness, baseless allegations should not be levelled," he added.
He said there was no question of misusing central agencies.
"It might be that if they take action against anyone so something has to be said and that is why they are saying." (ANI)