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Border Security Force IG DK Boora (Photo/ANI)
Border Security Force IG DK Boora (Photo/ANI)

Our international border is safe and incident-free: BSF IG DK Boora

ANI | Updated: Nov 30, 2022 16:35 IST

Jammu and Kashmir [India], November 30 (ANI): The Border Security Force (BSF) has worked well and kept the international border incident-free despite several efforts of neighbouring regions, Inspector General BSF (Jammu frontier) DK Boora said on Wednesday.
BSF IG Boora was addressing a press conference, and said, "BSF has worked well and keeps borders incident-free despite several efforts of neighbouring regions."
"In the last one year, we have kept border incident free. There have been attempts from the other side but we have kept the international borders secure," he said.
"There were seven attempts of infiltration at the border and all were foiled," he pointed out.
He added that four AK 47 rifles, ammunition, and 50 kilograms of Heroin were recovered.
BSF IG Boora also mentioned that Jammu Frontier has been given the best Frontier trophy this year, and said, "I congratulate officers and jawans for that."
Boora also informed that the BSF Jammu Frontier is celebrating its raising day on 1 December, and 192 Kilometres of the international border is guarded by the BSF.

"We have cordial relations with people living on the border. We have been providing security to farmers who are cultivating their land ahead of the fencing," he said.
"International border is always in pressure of infiltration. We have no infiltration policy and we will not allow anyone to infiltrate," he said.
BSF IG Boora also admitted to increasing drone threats and said that Drone was a problem. "We have adequate equipment and drone threats have been taken care of," he said.
He claimed that drone activities in Jammu have declined, and in Punjab also, there is a drop in drone activities.
"Pakistan is helping them all know that as all these attempts of drone droppings are helped by Pakistan Army and agencies. We keep lodging protests with Pak Army when any incident happens, but they always deny anything," he said.
IG Boora claimed that there has been no successful infiltration in 2022. "They try to infiltrate, sometimes through tunnels, but the BSF is always ready and has neutralized them every time. The infiltrators even try to use IEDs, but all of them have been arrested and all their attempts were foiled," he said.
He also commented on Narco terrorism and said that it is a threat.
"Terrorists have been using Narco terrorism to finance their activities, but BSF is active on the border, and have foiled all the attempts of the terrorists," he said. (ANI)