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Outgoing vice president M. Venkaiah Naidu
Outgoing vice president M. Venkaiah Naidu

Outgoing Vice President floored lawmakers with his witty one-liners

ANI | Updated: Aug 08, 2022 23:27 IST

New Delhi [India], August 8 (ANI): Outgoing Vice President of India M. Venkaiah Naidu is known across political circles for making funny comments. Even in a tense situation, he produced his one-liners to lift the boring mood of the lawmakers.
Once he was asked about his interest in becoming the Rashtrapati and his one-liner surprised everybody when he said that he is "Ushapati" (the husband of Usha) who is his better half.
Regarding the working of the Parliament, he once said: "In parliament, either you should talk out or walk out but what is happening is a frequent breakout. If this continues, democracy will be all out".
About former PM Manmohan Singh's dispensation, his punchline was: "PM presides, Madam decides. In the BJP, the president presides and the team decides." Another witty one-liner: "Left can never be right." "Learn, earn and return," Naidu said on students going abroad for higher studies.
He once said about politics: "Some political parties work on a three-principle formula: "Election, selection, and collection." About his party loyalty, Naidu said, "Nation first, the party next and self last."
On the Congress party's attitude during the NDA regime, Naidu said, "Country is moving forward, Congress is looking backwards and their situation is awkward."
Sharing his thoughts on the mental state of contemporary politicians, he once said: Their sole aim, if possible is to become President, otherwise Dissident, if that is also not possible, become a Resident.
* Some political parties work on 3 Principle Formula: "Election, Selection and Collection," Naidu added.

* On his loyalty to party, he said, "Nation first, party next and self, last.
* Commenting on Congress' attitude during the NDA regime, Venkaiah said, "Country is moving forward, Congress is Looking Backward, and their situation is Awkward."
* On Manmohan Singh's governance, Venkaiah's power punch line: "PM Presides, Madam decides. In the BJP, President Presides and the team decide."
* "Left can never be right."
* Commenting on the border situation, he said: "If there is tension, there can be no attention on developmental activities."
* Questioning the Congress party's stand on the formation of Telangana, he told Congress: "If you have a will, bring the bill."
* "The Congress government is hard on nationalists and soft on terrorism", he said.
* "Learn, earn and return," he commented on students going abroad for further studies.
* During the whirlwind tours and public meetings of Narendra Modi in the last Parliament elections, Naidu explained the "new trend" the BJP adopts now is, "We don't believe in the four Bs, so we started charging Rs 5 from people who attend our meetings." The four Bs, he described, were "Bus, Biryani, Bottle, and Bhatta." (ANI)