A child taking fish prasadam.
A child taking fish prasadam.

Over 1 lakh people queue up in Hyderabad to consume 'fish prasadam'

ANI | Updated: Jun 09, 2019 04:57 IST

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], Jun 09 (ANI): More than one lakh people thronged Hyderabad to consume the famous 'fish prasadam' which has been traditionally distributed by Bathini family for over 170 years.
While interacting with ANI, chief organiser and head of the family Bathini Harinath Goud said that their forefathers started providing 'fish prasadam' free of cost to asthma patients.
"Only our family knows the formula. We keep live fish with medicine in the patient's mouth and ask them to swallow it. With this, people who are suffering from respiratory problems including Asthma will get complete relief. We don't charge even a single rupee from public and spend money from our pocket," the chief organiser claimed.
People from different parts of the country lined up at the exhibition grounds in Nampally on Saturday to avail the benefit of the wonder drug which apparently cures Asthma and respiratory problems.
The patients are made to gulp down live 'murrel' fish sealed with a yellow herbal paste. This is believed to provide relief if taken for three consecutive years. The medicine is given with jaggery to vegetarians.
Thanking the previous and incumbent government in power in the state, Goud said, "All the governments who were in power have supported us and this government is also supporting us well. People from all states in India come and take this fish prasadam. After taking this medicine, we also give medicine for another 45 days."
One of the visitors said, "We heard about this fish Prasadam and came here as I am facing respiratory problems. Even our relatives who have taken this prasadam have witnessed good results."
Keeping in mind the popularity of this event, the Telangana government always makes elaborate arrangements for the same, and this time too, security was tightened in the wake of the event.
Speaking to ANI, DS Chouhan, Additional Commissioner, Law and Order, Hyderabad said,"We have made elaborate arrangements this time for fish prasadam program with the co-ordination of all other departments. Last year, as per the record, more than eighty thousand people arrived and this time we are expecting more than one lakh people visiting here. More than two thousand policemen have been deployed including crime teams and others in the ground. There are also more than 40 CCTV cameras have been installed in the ground to monitor the things." (ANI)