BJP MP Ravi Kishan speaking with ANI on Saturday.
BJP MP Ravi Kishan speaking with ANI on Saturday.

Over claims of him using drugs, Ravi Kishan 'humbly requests' Anurag Kashyap to think before speaking

ANI | Updated: Sep 19, 2020 22:12 IST

New Delhi [India], September 19 (ANI): BJP MP Ravi Kishan on Saturday "humbly requested" director Anurag Kashyap to think "a thousand times" before thinking or speaking anything after the latter in a news interview claimed that the Bhojpuri actor used to smoke on his film set.
"I do not need to justify what I currently do or used to do. It is my humble request to you Anurag babu. You know I respect you. You must understand what I am saying. One must think a thousand times before thinking or speaking anything. This goes for him too," the BJP MP told ANI.
"I did not expect such words from Anurag Kashyap. It is no secret I am a devotee of Shiva so I chant his name. I am saddened he would not support me on this issue of the war on drugs and say that I smoked up and I am now clean just because I am a minister, which I am not," he added.

Kishan's remark comes after Kashyap had said that Ravi starts his day by saying Jai Shiv Shankar, Jai Bam Bhole and claiming that he used to smoke up.
Prior to this, the Bhojpuri actor had got into a war of words with Samajwadi Party MP and veteran actor Jaya Bachchan over "drug addiction is in the film industry."
On Monday, Ravi Kishan had urged the Centre to take strict action against the culprits involved in the issue of drug trafficking in the country. He had also asked the Centre to bring an end to the conspiracy of neighbouring countries, which are supplying drugs to youth.
Speaking in the Lok Sabha, MP Ravi Kishan had addressed the issue of drug cases, its supply and consumption in India. "The problem of drug trafficking and addiction is on a rise in our country. Our neighbouring countries are contributing to the conspiracy, which is being hatched to destroy the country's youth," said Kishan. (ANI)