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Visual from the hospital (Photo/ANI)
Visual from the hospital (Photo/ANI)

Oxygen tanker stopped by Rajasthan govt or police at border, alleges Delhi's Mata Chanan Devi hospital

ANI | Updated: Apr 22, 2021 14:47 IST

By Deepika Rathour Chauhan
New Delhi [India], April 22 (ANI): Dr AC shukla, Medical Superintendent of Delhi's Mata Chanan Devi hospital on Thursday alleged that the oxygen tankers coming from Inox Air Products Ltd had been stopped at the border of Rajasthan by the state government or by police.
Speaking to Media he said, "I just spoke to Inox supplier they said we have been stopped at the border by Rajasthan government or by the state police. They were on the way but were stopped. This is very bad, too bad. They shouldn't have been stopped."
Earlier in the day, he had told ANI that the hospital had received two batches of 21 oxygen cylinders.
"We've received 2 batches of 21 oxygen cylinders each today. We've 200 COVID-19 patients and oxygen consumption is very high. For us, priority is re-filling of the liquid oxygen plant so that there is uninterrupted supply," he told ANI.

He further said that the hospital had been running out of oxygen since morning and they got cylinders at 7.30 this morning
"We were out of oxygen around 7:15 am and we got the cylinders here at 7:30 this morning. This is not a permanent solution. We need tanker to refill our plant for the continued supply of oxygen," he added.
The worsening COVID-19 situation has seen a surge in the demand for medical oxygen and beds for patients and many states are reporting a shortage in essential medical supplies.
Availability of oxygen is a key element in the treatment of certain medical conditions in the Covid infection.
India, currently witnessing a second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, has reported more than 3 lakh fresh infections in the last 24 hours. (ANI)