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Pakistani spies trying to call Indian jawans to gather sensitive information, warn intelligence agencies

By Ankur Sharma | Updated: Jan 01, 2021 18:39 IST

New Delhi [India], January 1 (ANI): Pakistani spies are trying to call Indian jawans to gather sensitive information, intelligence agencies have warned.
According to the senior official, intelligence input says that Pakistan officers may randomly call the control rooms, offices to gather information by introducing them as senior officers of the same force.
Intelligence officials claimed that this is the new modus operandi that has been adopted to gather sensitive information like movement of troops, VVIPs and information of vital installations.
Based on this, an alert has been issued to all offices of security forces so that no one gets trapped by Pakistan Intelligence officers.
According to the sources, new input which is prepared after collaborating information received by other agencies says, "It has come to the notice that Pakistan Intelligence officers are trying to contact force personnel for getting information about the movement of senior officers and force related information like High sensitive deployment, Vital installations, VIP movements etc, by making phone calls, mobile phones introducing themselves as officers of own/other forces."
The input has asked all para-military forces to brief all control rooms, staff not to provide any information without establishing the identity of the caller. Various steps have been given in the input to fail latest modus operandi of Pakistan intelligence officers.
Input also says that Pakistan Intelligence officers are also sending friend requests on social media websites to contact force personnel, also collecting information from these sites, under concealed identity.
Input has also said some anti-social and anti-national elements are also trying to contact force personnel by sending friend requests etc through social media sites for getting confidential information of forces or its personnel.
All forces have been asked to brief their personnel about the new modus operandi and also take preventive measures, well within time, to avoid leakage of secrecy of force and its personnel. (ANI)