Congress MP Rahul Gandhi (File photo)
Congress MP Rahul Gandhi (File photo)

Parliament Budget session: Rahul Gandhi to speak in Lok Sabha on Thursday

ANI | Updated: Feb 10, 2021 22:45 IST

By Siddharth Sharma
New Delhi [India], February 10 (ANI): Congress MP Rahul Gandhi will speak in Parliament during the Union budget discussion in Lok Sabha on Thursday.
The discussion on Union budget 2021-22 started today in Lok Sabha with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's speech in reply to the Motion of Thanks on the President's address.
The Wayanad MP has been critical of the Union Budget presented by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on February 1 and said that the budget proposals will adversely impact the common man. He has slammed the government's economic policies and has advocated direct cash transfers to the poorest sections to give a boost to the economy.
Rahul Gandhi himself had taken a jibe on the Modi government through a press conference in which he had said that the government is basically unable to handle the economy and their incompetence is now coming to the fore.
"They have messed up the economy, they have messed up the harmony, they have messed up the defence and they want to keep distracting India with non-events. I am saying that the country is in a dangerous position. When you have a situation on the border like this, you are destroying your economic structure, you are weakening your economic strength, and it is dangerous for the country," he had said.
"The country requires, the Prime Minister to take strict quick action. It requires that the Prime Minister puts money immediately into the hands of our people and starts the economy. It requires that he protects the small and medium businesses, who give us jobs, none of that is happening and it requires a clear message to China that you cannot do this with us. You cannot be sitting inside our land and expect that nothing is going to happen," he added.
Earlier today, Congress MPs walked out of the House during PM Narendra Modi's reply in Lok Sabha to the Motion of Thanks on the President's Address.
"We walked out because PM didn't discuss our concerns over farmers' death. He agreed that amendments are required in farm laws, some states will be benefitted and some' won't. Why do you have to bring laws that won't be benefitting everyone?," Congress leader Adhir Chowdhury had said. (ANI)