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AIIMS Delhi Director, M Srinivas (Photo/ANI)
AIIMS Delhi Director, M Srinivas (Photo/ANI)

Patients should come through referral system for proper and timely treatment: Director AIIMS Delhi

By Shalini Bhardwaj | Updated: Nov 14, 2022 20:35 IST

New Delhi [India], November 14 (ANI): AIIMS Director, Delhi, Dr M Srinivas on Monday, appealed to all the patients to come through the referral system, as patient care remains their priority.
In an Exclusive Interview with ANI, Dr M Srinivas said that AIIMS is for every patient but patients should come through proper referrals.
"For example, if a patient comes from Bihar then there is AIIMS Patna, IGIMS Patna and many other medical colleges. If they come through them then that will become easy for us to treat such patients because they will also know the patient's problem," he said.
On the challenges faced by them, he said that they majorly face challenges of patients coming to them without appointments,
"If all the patients will be the referrals, or if they take slots or appointments then we can plan and tell them. We face major difficulty in those cases," he said.
Dr Srinivas further said that AIIMS Delhi has also started a slot system for patients to avoid crowds in the hospital,
"For reducing the crowd of patients, we have started the slot system, so that patients can come during that slot, chaos can be reduced and crowd management can become easier for us. Sometimes many patients come at one time. We are going to arrange a big area which is a reception area where patients will be asked to sit down until their slot comes to avoid overcrowding," he said.
While talking about the steps taken for MBBS students, he said that each of them will be adopting one patient, so that they can become the bridge between the doctor and patient.
"We want that MBBS students should be part of our clinical system. Understanding the patient needs empathy and sympathy which one can't learn in textbooks. We have asked the students to adopt one bed in the hospital so that they can become the bridge between the doctor and the patients," he said.
They will go every time, speak to them and find out what are their problems. They will also try to learn about the disease and prognosis. We also want them to do research work because this is the research institute if they will understand the basics of the research then that will be useful for them in future." he added.
Dr Srinivas also informed that recently, the AIIMS Delhi conducted a meeting with Medical Directors of other government hospitals on cross referrals
"We want all the medical superintendents, and administrative of all the government hospitals under the Government of India, we had a long meeting and we wanted to share our resources. For example, if there is a secondary care patient who can be taken to a different hospital, we will initially stabilize them, speak to them and send them to that hospital, if there is an availability of bed. Similarly, we can also do one thing, they can speak to us and then we will be able to take care of them in our hospital," he said.
While talking about the future plans of AIIMS Delhi he said that they will work in all the domains like patient learning, teaching, learning research, enhancing good governance and administration.
"Our focus is a patient care coordinating system, This dashboard has started and the availability of emergency beds and occupied beds are visible. CT MRI runs 24X7 also and operation data dashboard will also start in few days and transparency will also be there," he said.
Dr Srinivas also said that they are making AIIMS e-Hospital completely paperless to save time, efficiency, and transparency. (ANI)