Cable car to Patnitop is all set for its launch next month in Udhampur.
Cable car to Patnitop is all set for its launch next month in Udhampur.

Patnitop cable car all set for launch next month

ANI | Updated: May 18, 2019 10:58 IST

Udhampur (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], May 18 (ANI): The service of the much-awaited cable car at the picturesque destination of Patnitop in Jammu and Kashmir's Udhampur district is all set to launch in June.
It is believed that this is the country's first cable car project which is completely eco-friendly as not a single tree was cut. The height of Gandola was increased so that the vegetation could not come into the way. Also, the French technology was used to ensure safety.
The Patnitop Gandola project, which was planned about 15 years back, is believed to give a boost to the tourists' footfall in the region. The beginning of the cable car is believed to enhance the business at Patnitop which was slow down after the opening of Chenani-Nashri tunnel.
A local from Patnitop, Vijay Sharma told ANI, "The starting of Gondola in the region will boost the business. It will provide business opportunities for youth. More tourists will come to this region after the inauguration of Gondola."
Rejoiced with the development in the tourists' destination, the locals said it would be a great benefit for them as Patnitop, the backbone of Jammu and Kashmir will become the hub of business and will give many opportunities to the youth of the region of employment.
Dr Weqar Yousuf, project head of Patnitop Gandola Project said, "Work began on rope-way in April 2017, it is almost ready for commissioning between Sanget and Patnitop, all the technology was imported from France. No tree was cut for the project."
A tourist from Uttar Pradesh's Agra named Mishan Thakur said, "For the first time, I visited Patnitop. Once, the cable car starts, the visitors will be attracted towards it and it will help in boosting the business.
While treks, cars and bike rides could be suitable options, the aerial view of clouds and the sunset is an unmatchable experience, which is made possible through cable cars. (ANI)