Representative Image of Amarinder Singh
Representative Image of Amarinder Singh

PM Modi misleading people, says Capt Amarinder

ANI | Updated: Jan 04, 2019 18:24 IST

Chandigarh [India], Jan 4 (ANI): Criticising Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a `master of deceit and disinformation', Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh on Friday said that the country has plunged into utter ruin and devastation under his `anti-people and divisive policies'.
Captain Amarinder said the `jumlebaaz' Prime Minister had brought the nation to its nadir with his deceptions and fabrications, and was staring at his moment of judgement at the hands of the people, who were set to throw him out of power for good.
Disputing every single statement made by Prime Minister Modi in an event in Gurdaspur on Thursday, the Chief Minister said that the Prime Minister had stooped to abominable levels in a desperate bid to mislead the people in the face of his imminent defeat in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.
"Modi had once again lied on every issue, from the 1984 riots and Kartarpur Corridor to the farm debt waiver," Captain Amarinder said while adding that the Prime Minister was trying to hide the all-round failure of his own government in the past five years.
The Chief Minister questioned Prime Minister Modi about his silence on the BJP/RSS workers named in the Tilak Marg Police Station FIR regarding 1984 Sikh riots at a time when the BJP is trying to drag the Gandhi family into the matter.
"And what about the 1992 riots in Gujarat which happened right under your nose and in which your own party members were squarely blamed and named", Captain Amarinder said.
He also criticised the Prime Minister for trying to seize credit for the Kartarpur Corridor, which the Congress had been actively pursuing since the days of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, right down to Dr. Manmohan Singh. Captain Amarinder said he himself had been taking up the issue with Pakistan for years.
"You have not even given a single paisa so far for the celebration of the 550th Parkash Purab of Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji despite our repeated pleas and request, and yet claim to be the guardians of the Sikhs and their religion", asserted the Chief Minister while trying to pin down Prime Minister Modi on the issue.
The Chief Minister further lashed out at Prime Minister for accusing the Congress of handing over Kartarpur to Pakistan, calling upon him to get his history right before shooting through his mouth. He said that the Radcliff Line for the partition of Punjab and Bengal was drawn by the British, which every Indian worth his name would know, said Captain Amarinder, in a snide to the Prime Minister.
"While the Punjab government had implemented most of its poll promises, including jobs for youth, drugs elimination, industrial development, apart from farm debt waiver, in less than 2 years, the Modi government had not delivered on an even an iota of its promises," observed the Chief Minister as he questioned the Prime Minister on his promises for jobs for the youth, doubling of farm income, women's reservation, among other things.
"Far from fulfilling these promises, the Modi government had plunged India into a deep financial crisis, with prices of essentials escalating out of control," Captain Amarinder said, adding that corruption had peaked with the Rafale deal just one instance of how the incumbent central government was helping a handful of business houses make money at the cost of the poor masses.
"One wonders with what face Modi intends to go back to the people of India to seek re-election a few weeks from now," quipped Captain Amarinder, dubbing the Prime Minister as the worst leader India had ever had since Independence. (ANI)