National Spokesman Pawan Khera speaking to ANI on Saturday
National Spokesman Pawan Khera speaking to ANI on Saturday

PM Modi must answer who removed AgustaWestland from blacklist: Congress

ANI | Updated: Jan 05, 2019 19:18 IST

New Delhi [India], Jan 5 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi must tell the nation who removed AgustaWestland from the blacklist, said Congress national spokesperson Pawan Khera on Saturday.            
Commenting on Prime Minister Modi’s remark on Christian Michel, Khera said: “Christian Michel has himself said that one of the senior leaders of the BJP had removed AgustaWestland from the blacklist.”
“So firstly, Prime Minister Modi should answer about the person who removed AgustaWestland from the blacklist. It was the UPA government during which AgustaWestland had been under backlist,” he said.
However, contrary to the Congress claims, AgustaWestland and its sister companies under the Leonardo Group are still prohibited from doing business in India, according to documents accessed by ANI.
The documents show that the Indian Defence Ministry had, as latest as November 8 last year, extended an order prohibiting Italian Group Leonardo, Finmeccanica's latest avatar, from doing business in India for six months.    
Advising Prime Minister Modi to worry about employment and other issues, Khera said: “The nation had elected him to fulfill some hope and dreams and he should at least give an answer to them. Data has revealed that many jobs have been lost.”
Commenting Goa Congress chief’s letter demanding more security for Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, he said, “Girish Chodankar and the whole Goa State Congress committee are tense about Parrikar’s security, especially in view of the fact the Rafale details are hidden in the form of files in his bedroom. So, we want that Chief Minister Parrikar should be given proper security.” (ANI)