Defence Minister Rajnath Singh (File Photo/ANI)
Defence Minister Rajnath Singh (File Photo/ANI)

PM Modi pledged that every poor person will have a roof over their head by 2022: Rajnath Singh

ANI | Updated: Sep 27, 2020 00:50 IST

New Delhi [India], September 27 (ANI): Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Saturday said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has pledged that by 2022 every poor person in the country will have a roof over their head.
"Now our Prime Minister has pledged that by 2022, when the country will be celebrating the 75th anniversary of independence, then every poor person in the country will have a roof over their head. The country had to wait so long for this economic planning. Whereas Deendayalji was saying the same thing in the 1960s," Singh tweeted (roughly translated from Hindi).
"Today, in the Deendayal Smriti Lecture, I spoke on the topic of 'Sankalp Bharat Ka Sankalp'. The relevance of the national goals that Deendayalji had set after attaining independence has not diminished from any point of view. Those goals are important in fulfilling the resolve of self-reliant India," he tweeted.
Deendayal Upadhyaya had said that there should be a system that protects political freedom, Singh added.
"For this, an ordinary Indian can also get a chance to live a life of honor. Prime Minister Modi has started many schemes, due to which the poor of the country have an account in the bank, have gas facility in their homes, electricity facility in the villages, road facilities, now internet facility is being provided," Singh tweeted.
In a country where half of the population are farmers, agriculture was neglected for such a long time that farming became a profitable business. Due to vested interests, agriculture and farmers of this country have never been given the land where the farmers of this country can also get the full fruits of their hard work, the Defence Minister stated.
Now, Prime Minister Modi has taken some such steps which will help the farmers of this country to get a better price for their produce, he added.

"In the last session of Parliament (monsoon session), two agricultural bills have been passed, through which farmers have got freedom to sell their produce in the true sense," Singh wrote.
"Our commitment for the welfare of the farmers of India dates back to the days of Deendayal Upadhyay. No one can deter us from this path. For the first time after independence, Atalji had made the country's village, poor and farmer the centre of his policies. Now Modiji is working on the same path and in a big way," he added.
"Recently, I released a negative list of 101 defense equipments, through which this policy was decided, that all these equipments and platforms will no longer be imported in India. Only one decision has led to manufacturing opportunities of Rs 52,000 crore in a year," Singh tweeted.
The Defence Minister further stated that the second major policy announcement in the defense sector is the approval of FDI up to 74 per cent in the field of defense. This has made the path of 'Make in India' easier for foreign defense companies as well. Soon we are also going to introduce new Defense Production and Procurement Policy.
"Self-reliance is very important in the field of defense. A country that depends on imports for its defense equipment will never be strong and self-respecting. Therefore, being self-sufficient in the defense sector is linked to the 'self-respect' and 'sovereignty' of our country," Singh tweeted.

"Today at the UNGA meeting, Prime Minister has kept the points of people of India with full clarity and strength. Today, the whole world has heard and appreciated his message as the lofty voice of self-respecting India. I heartily congratulate him for his effective address," he added. (ANI)