PM Modi tears into Congress over Chidambaram's 'Kashmir' remark

ANI | Updated: Oct 29, 2017 16:44 IST

Bengaluru (Karnataka), Oct.29 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi came down heavily upon the Congress party on Sunday and slammed party leader P. Chidambaram for his 'Kashmir' remark.

Addressing a gathering at Dashamah Soundarya Lahari Parayanotsava Mahasarmapane in Bengaluru, the Prime Minister said, "Yesterday's statement of a Congress leader (P. Chidambaram) on Kashmir clearly shows how the party feels on surgical strikes and bravery of our Army."

Chidambaram on Saturday said that people in Kashmir who demand 'azaadi' actually seek autonomy for the state.

"My interactions in Jammu and Kashmir led me to the conclusion that when they ask for azaadi, most people want autonomy," Chidambaram had said.

Dubbing Chidambaram's remark unacceptable, he asked the Congress party to answer for the recent statement of their leaders on Kashmir.

"The Congress party will have to answer on this remark. We won't let India's unity and diversity be compromised at any cost," the prime minister said.

Lashing out at the Congress, Modi also said Chidambaram's remarks were reflective of party's view on the army.

"Why are Congress leaders lending their voice to those who want 'Azaadi' in Kashmir? This is an insult to our brave soldiers," he said.

The Prime Minister further said that the people have no expectations from the Congress party, adding the country's grand old party was disconnected from country's aspirations.

"The people, who were in power earlier, now are suddenly taking u-turn. They are making such statements shamelessly," he added.

He further said the people who do politics over soldiers' sacrifice cannot contribute to the welfare of the country.

"It was expected that after consecutive failures, the sensible people in the Congress party will try to bring it on the right path. But I can see and hear disappointing and irresponsible behaviour," he added.

Modi also said that it seems that the Congress party was not going to learn from its mistakes.

The Prime Minister further highlighted the Doklam issue to target the Congress party and said: "Do you remember the lies Congress was spreading on Doklam. People of India trusted them so much but such is their conduct."

"The entire world saw what happened in the Doklam issue. No matter how powerful China was, India's perseverance and persistence saw it through," he added. (ANI)