PM Modi's Gujarat campaigns were discriminatory: Anand Sharma

ANI | Updated: Dec 19, 2017 18:59 IST

New Delhi [India] December 19 (ANI): Senior Congress leader Anand Sharma on Tuesday said party president Rahul Gandhi campaigned with dignity, while Prime Minister Narendra Modi's campaigns were mostly about drawing lines between classes.

Speaking at a press conference, the Congress leader said, "Rahul Gandhi campaigned with dignity and humbly accepted defeat after the results. Congress has gained a moral victory and we are very clear about it, given the fact that there was an unprecedented use of money resources, power, administration and the authorities of Central and state governments. The Prime Minister did not fight the election on the terms of bringing development but his campaigns were based on drawing lines between different classes in the society".

He added that Prime Minister Modi did not answer any of the questions raised by Rahul Gandhi.

"Now that the elections are over, I would request the Prime Minister to kindly answer to all those questions and if he does not reply to those development related questions then we will keep on asking him about those same issues," Sharma asserted.

He further said the Congress has gained two-third majority in the rural Gujarat including Saurashtra.

"BJP campaigned at a scale which was never witnessed before. Still their voting share went down by 11 percent and they have also lost 15 seats," Sharma stated.

Earlier in the day, Union Minister of State (MoS) Dr. Jitendra Singh said Congress president Rahul Gandhi had posed wrong questions during the Gujarat Assembly elections.

Talking to ANI here, Singh said, "Rahul Gandhi had asked those 14 questions whose answers were already there. Questions can be answered but what answer could be given to those questions which were framed from the answers."

In Gujarat, the BJP continued its winning streak by bagging 99 out of 182 seats in the state assembly while, in Himachal Pradesh, the party overthrew Congress from the government by claiming 44 out of 68 seats. (ANI)