Prime Minister Narendra Modi. File photo
Prime Minister Narendra Modi. File photo

PM thanks Anupam Kher's mother for good wishes, says blessings of mothers are an inspiration

ANI | Updated: Mar 26, 2020 20:30 IST

New Delhi [India], March 26 (ANI): Narendra Modi on Thursday asked Anupam Kher to convey thanks to his mother for her good wishes for the Prime Minister's health in view of the threat posed by the spread of coronavirus.
The Prime Minister said it blessings of mothers are an inspiration for him and a source of energy in his work.
Modi replied to a tweet by Kher which had a video of his mother extending her good wishes to him and stating that she prays for his well-being.
She referred to Modi's address to the nation in which he had repeatedly urged people to stay in their homes to prevent the spread of coronavirus, saying he had also folded his hands and nobody shows such a gesture.
"The blessings of these mothers is my inspiration and source of energy for doing my work. Please convey my thanks to your mother for her good wishes," Modi said.
Kher had said in his tweet that like mothers all over the country, including his, are concerned about the Prime Minster's health.
"She was saying you are concerned about 130 crore people of the country but who is taking your care. She also had tears in her eyes saying this. Please take care. We are also folding our hands," Kher said. (ANI)