'Positano' of Mumbai: Dramatic transformation of Ghatkopar slum

ANI | Updated: Jan 18, 2018 12:06 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Jan. 18 (ANI): Mumbai's Dedeepya Reddy, founder of 'Chal Rang De', with her unique initiative has transformed the Asalpha village in Ghatkopar, giving it an all-new dramatic touch.

Reddy, the woman who decided to beautify Mumbai's slums and its foundation have painted the exterior walls of houses in Asalpha village with vibrant colours under the 'Chal Rang De' initiative.

Around 200 painters volunteered to make the masterpiece and beautify the village.

Every piece of art on the walls of this village is either a reflection of the slum dwellers or a message.

Talking to ANI, Reddy said that the inspiration to behind this initiative was to change the way people look at slums in India.

"We wanted to use our knowledge of design so we can change the way people look at slums. People at the slums were supportive and cooperated with us to bring change," said Reddy.

After bathing this village in vibrant colours, Reddy and her teams plan is to cover the entire city and spread the colour of joy in the slums. (ANI)