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Primary Health Centre in Samastipur's Morwa block in Bihar. (Photo/ANI)
Primary Health Centre in Samastipur's Morwa block in Bihar. (Photo/ANI)

Primary Health Centres in Bihar's Samastipur in a sorry state, say villagers

ANI | Updated: May 27, 2021 19:07 IST

Samastipur (Bihar) [India], May 27 (ANI): Residents of the area said that the Primary Health Centre in Samastipur's Morwa block in Bihar was in a sorry state, but the district's civil surgeon could not be contacted on the phone for his version as he said he was busy.
This Health Centre is being used as a cattle shelter. Another Health Centre in the Chaklalshahi area seems to be deserted amid the battle against Covid.
Local residents said doctors come only once a month and moreover, there are no medicines or injections.
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A local resident Chandan Kumar said, "Madam (health staff) does not come here. She rarely comes here and the centre remains closed."
In the same village, Amrita Devi said, "How can we call it a hospital? There is neither a doctor nor a compounder. Even on Republic Day, January 26, no one visits here."

Arjun, who is also a resident of the village, too was disappointed by the condition of the hospital.
"There are no facilities or doctors. When employees are asked why animals are tied here, they say they would clean up the area when doctors come," said Arjun.
The state of the Raslapur sub-health centre is particularly bad. The health centre has hired an auxiliary nurse midwife for Rs 1,000 per month. There is a nurse posted in this health centre named Uma Devi and she is also posted at some other health centre. Uma Devi said she pays a large sum to live here.
To compound the state of health there are misconceptions about vaccination. Those who took the first dose of Covid vaccine, did not take the second due to misconceptions such as fear of death.
Ramdev Roy of the village said, "We should not take this injection."
Many others had such misconceptions. A young man from the village said the injection is not effective.