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Private madrasas in UP oppose govt's move to change class timings

ANI | Updated: Oct 01, 2022 18:11 IST

Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) [India], October 1 (ANI): The private madrasas in Uttar Pradesh have come out in protest against the recent order of the state government to change the timings of the madrasas across the state and demanded to revert to the previous schedule.
The Uttar Pradesh Board of madrasa education had passed an order on September 27 this year to change the timings of all madrasas in the state from 9 am to 3 pm, a decision which had to be implemented across the state from October 1.
Earlier, the classes used to start at 7 am and ended at around 1 pm.
Protesting against the move of the government, the private madrasas in the state said that it hampers their Zuhr prayers, and demanded to implement the old time.
Earlier last month, when the committee decided to change the timings, the Muslim bodies criticised it because of the fear that it will certainly upset the religious education being imparted through madrasas in the morning and also affect the timing of the Zuhr prayers for the madrasa teachers and students.
The madarsa board also started surveys of non-government/ private madrasas in Uttar Pradesh to curb irregularities in Madarsa education.
Madarsa Board has started surveys at the district level where a team of SDM, BSA and District Minority Officers are conducting the surveys. The survey is being conducted across Uttar Pradesh and will be completed by October 15.

Maulana Khalid Rashid Farangi Mahal, director of Madrasa Darul Uloom Farangi Mahal opposed the decision of the Madrasa Parishad.
Concerned over the timings and the inability to offer prayers, he said while speaking to ANI, "The Madrasa Council should consider it once again. It has decided to change the time but has it consulted the concerned party about it?"
He said that the decision taken "without knowing the ground reality" will be wrong.
"The timing which has increased is not suitable for us. If the timing of the madrasa is to be changed, it should be from 7 am to 12:30 instead of 9 am to 3 pm, since 12:30 is the time of Zuhr namaz, therefore many teachers and students of the madrasa have to go for it. If namaz is not taken care of in the madrasas, then where will it be?" he said.
Maulvi Haroon, who is training the children in the madrasa, also opposed the new timetable.
A student of Madrasa Darul Uloom Firangi Mahal accepted the board's decision, however, he said, "The study time should be 6 hours but from 6 or 7 am so that we can leave at 12.00 or 12.30 pm which is the time for Zuhr prayer".
Meanwhile, Uttar Pradesh madrassa council member Qamar Ali said that "The talk of the timing of madrasa was going on for a long time and a meeting was also held in November last year. The central and state government is continuously working for the bright future of the children of madrasas."
He said that the council would welcome the suggestions if the people in the madrasas are facing problems due to the new timings.
" And if someone has an issue with the new timing of the madrasas then he should give suggestions to the board and we will surely look into it," he said. (ANI)