Students protest over the suicide of Harsha in Bengaluru on Wednesday [Photo/ANI]
Students protest over the suicide of Harsha in Bengaluru on Wednesday [Photo/ANI]

Protest continue in Bengaluru's Amrita Engineering College over suicide of 4th year student

ANI | Updated: Oct 23, 2019 16:00 IST

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], Oct 23 (ANI): Scores of students studying at the Amrita School of Engineering continued their protest against the death of Harsha, a 4th year engineering student.
The agitated students claimed that the deceased, who committed suicide, two days back was allegedly harassed by the college management after he complained of shortage of water and sub-standard food in the college hostel.
"He was questioned for an hour by the Committee and was rusticated by the college for one year after he raised a question over amenities in the hostel. We want justice. The college falsely claimed that he was indulged in vandalism," said Chandra Kiran, a classmate of the deceased.
"Harsh's parents had come to meet the college administration for seeking rollback of suspension. But they were also not treated properly. The college also imposed fine on them claiming that he was allegedly involved in vandalism. He got under pressure after knowing that he has been rusticated for a year. He already had got the placement from the college. We want justice," said Mavesh Jaina, another student protester.
Hundreds of students were heard sloganeering "We want justice" while holding placards with the slogans, "It is not a suicide, it is a murder and do we need blood for water".
The 21-year-old reportedly jumped off the seventh floor of his college building. The incident filled anger among the students forcing them to come out in large numbers for launching a protest.
More details in this regard are awaited. (ANI)