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Puducherry: This scuba diver has made an underwater friend

ANI | Updated: Jun 21, 2019 11:37 IST

Puducherry [India], June 20(ANI): Arvind, who runs a scuba diving school in Puducherry from the last 10 years has recently made an underwater friend, a rare whalefish. He also gives training to people in many departments of scuba diving.
"In my career, I have seen many sharks in the ocean and the largest fish also which can grow up to 35-45 feet and weighs around 20 tonnes. People think it is a very dangerous fish but in fact, they are very friendly. They eat only small plants" said Arvind.
While talking to ANI, he said, "We need to save these kinds of fishes from dying."
"These fishes were rarely seen earlier but now because of the reef that we created, the bottom became very rich, a lot of plants are in the area so, now we can see these fishes very frequently. And I will request all to save these whale sharks." he further added.
Now, Arvind takes his students underwater to teach them to be friends with these whalefishes and creates awareness on saving the whalefishes. (ANI)