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Farmer converts his house terrace into grapes farm. (ANI/Photo)
Farmer converts his house terrace into grapes farm. (ANI/Photo)

Pune farmer converts terrace into grapes farm, inspires citizens

ANI | Updated: Jan 19, 2022 10:31 IST

Pune (Maharashtra) [India], January 19 (ANI): To inspire urban citizens, a farmer from Urli Kanchan village in Maharashtra's Pune district has converted the terrace of his house into a mini grape farm.
Speaking to ANI, Bahusaheb Kanchan, a farmer said he got the inspiration after his Europe tour in 2013 where he had seen people in the region growing grapes and other fruits on their terrace.

Bhausaheb said, in 2015 he bought five vines of grapes which were identified as Manjeri Medika varieties of grapes from ICAR National Research Centre for grapes in Pune which is basically used to make medicine from fruit's seed.
He planted his kitchen garden in subsequent years. The height of the vines is 30 feet and spread in 1100 square feet on the terrace.

"Scientists have also visited here and said they will do research about fruit's quality," he said.
While sharing his experience, Bhausaheb said "farmers and People often visit and get surprised how grapes can be produced in the terrace that to so in large quantity."

"I wanted to send out a message to people staying in urban areas that they have scope to do anything in the field of agriculture. They can utilize their terrace and can produce grapes," he said.
"If I can grow grapes on my terrace others can do the same and use vacant spaces to their best," he added. (ANI)