Sushant Abrol, brother of the pilot who died in Feb MIG crash
Sushant Abrol, brother of the pilot who died in Feb MIG crash

Punish those responsible: Brother of pilot killed in MIG crash

ANI | Updated: Feb 07, 2019 14:48 IST

New Delhi [India], Feb 7 (ANI): After his recent Facebook post ridiculing the bureaucracy for enjoying "cheese and wine" while pilots were given outdated planes, the brother of pilot Samir Abrol who was killed in the MiG plane crash in Bengaluru has requested a central government inquiry into the mishap.
Sushant Abrol, on Thursday told ANI said: “We are not trying to politicise anything. People must know what happens to our bravehearts. We hear about soldiers who are martyred, however, not much is known about test pilots. Martyrdom in any form is a great sacrifice for the nation. It is important to know that what my brother did was voluntary. He was not forced to do it. He chose to do it.”
”What after the court of inquiry? Will we as a family ever know the reason? Or it will be confidential for government and the agencies to know what went wrong. Will the people behind it made accountable?,” he asked.
He requested the Government to hold accountable those responsible for the death his brother and ensure steps are taken to prevent such incidents in the future.
“Maybe the system for its political agenda or gains does not bring out the clearer picture. That is my only request to the system, to give a clear picture,” he appealed.
Wife of Samir Abrol, Garima Singh told ANI, “I want justice for my husband. And such things should never be repeated. My husband could have ejected early but that would have taken the lives of many other people. I request the government to hold the culprit accountable and punish them.”
On February 1, two pilots were killed after their Mirage fighter aircraft crashed during takeoff at the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) airport in Bengaluru.
The incident happened near Yamalur, off old Airport Road, when the Mirage 2000 trainer fighter aircraft of HAL, flown by two pilots, crashed.
The aircraft was being flown by two test pilots of the Indian Air Force. Squadron Leader Negi and Squadron Leader Abrol were taking the plane for an acceptance test flight after it had been upgraded by the HAL there.
The reason for the crash is yet to be ascertained, but sources said prima facie it appeared that the plane had some technical defects. A detailed court of inquiry would find out the exact cause behind the crash. (ANI)