DIG Lakhminder Singh Jakhar (Photo/ANI)
DIG Lakhminder Singh Jakhar (Photo/ANI)

Punjab DIG Prisons resigns in support of farmers' protest

ANI | Updated: Dec 13, 2020 18:02 IST

Chandigarh [India], December 13 (ANI): In solidarity with farmers protesting against the new farm laws at the gates of Delhi, Lakhminder Singh Jakhar, Punjab Deputy Inspector General (Prisons), on Saturday resigned from the service.
The DIG told ANI on Sunday that being the "son of a farmer", he "cannot be blind towards the next farming community".
"I have to do that [resign] because I cannot close my eyes to the future of farmers, my son and the future generation. I being the son of a farmer cannot be blind towards the next farming community," the DIG cited his reason for quitting from his post.

Jakhar who has served more than 32 years, took the decision after consulting with his mother who is 81-year-old and sent his resignation letter to to the State Principal Secretary of Home Affairs on Saturday.
"My mother looks after the farm in my village. Being a serviceman, I do not have the time to look after my field but whenever I go to my village, I take care of my fields and the labourers working there," he said.
The DIG trusts that for the welfare of the states, the Centre should "redo" the laws. "Why has the Central government framed such rules which farmers do not like? This subject should be decided by the state governments and not Centre," he said.
"Some people are linking farmers' protest to anti-social and terrorist activities, they are just simple farmers who want to save their land," he added.
Speaking about the procedure post his resignation, Jakhar said that according to the rules, he has to give three months' notice, however, if not done so then one has to submit the paid allowances of that period if the said person wants to resign at the earliest. "I am ready to deposit the amount in one hour because I have to leave now," the DIG concluded. (ANI)