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Punjab: EC withdraws Hobby Dhaliwal's appointment as district icon of Patiala

ANI | Updated: Feb 11, 2022 18:41 IST

Chandigarh (Punjab) [India], February 11 (ANI): The Chief Electoral Officer Punjab on Friday issued an order to withdraw the appointment of Punjabi actor Kamal Dhaliwal, also known as Hobby Dhaliwal, as the district election icon of Patiala.
Appraising of the same, Chief Electoral Officer Dr. S Karuna Raju said that Hobby Dhaliwal has recently announced to join the Political Party, following which his appointment as District Election Icon Patiala has been withdrawn as per the rules of the Election Commission of India.
This comes after the actor joined the Bharatiya Janata Party on Monday.
Punjab will go to the Assembly polls on February 14 and the counting of votes will take place on March 10. (ANI)


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