Locals of a small village take initiative to preserve waste household water and make it usable by installing sewerage treatment plant (Photo/ANI)
Locals of a small village take initiative to preserve waste household water and make it usable by installing sewerage treatment plant (Photo/ANI)

Punjab: Locals of Ransih Kalan village initiate projects to preserve wastewater, reuse for irrigation purpose

ANI | Updated: Jul 31, 2019 20:34 IST

Moga (Punjab) [India], July 31 (ANI): In an initiative to preserve and recycle waste household water, residents of Ransih Kalan village in Moga, Punjab, have installed a sewerage treatment plant in order to treat wastewater and make it usable for irrigation.

This village has become an ideal model of a self-contained community. Locals here have installed a sewerage treatment plant at a cost of Rs 5 crore in order to save wastewater and use it for farming purposes.

"The sewerage plant purifies around 4 lakh litres of dirty water per day and later that water is used for irrigation purpose. The villagers here were encouraged by Narendra Modi who started initiatives like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and saving water. Later, we started these initiatives in our village at our level." Indrapal Singh, village Sarpanch (head) told ANI.

"The wastewater goes through several stages. We have three wells that filter water before it goes into the treatment plant. In the first well, hard waste is separated from the water. In the second well, liquid water is segregated from the water like oil and shampoo and the third well equalizes the water level," he added.

According to the village Sarpanch, after the waste is segregated in the three wells, water then goes into three ponds which are connected to the sewerage plant. In the ponds bacteria, special fishes and tortoise help in cleaning the leftover impurities from the water. Later the filtered water goes into the sewerage treatment plant. The treated wastewater is ultimately used for irrigation purposes.

Deputy Commissioner of Moga Sandeep Hans said, “Locals of this village have done a great job. They have constructed pukka lanes in the village and there is no filth seen here. Villagers have followed the ‘smart village guidelines’ provided by the government here. We will provide assistance to the villagers of Ransih Kalan village.”

Speaking to ANI, Preet Inderpal Singh, a villager said, "Apart from treatment project, we are also working on another project aimed at rainwater harvesting. We are constructing a large lake-like pit for collecting the rainwater. We have also planned to start boating adventure in that lake for the enlightenment of the villagers. Foreign bird and duck species will also be brought here to enhance the beauty of the lake."

"We request the government that they should announce our village as a 'special village'," he added.

The government has contributed 20 per cent for these projects and the remaining 80 per cent of the amount is contributed by the villagers here.

One can hardly find any filth or garbage anywhere in the village, nor there are unpaved lanes and difficult terrain.

The villagers here are taking every initiative to make their village a 'smart village' and the prime aim of the locals here is to give a sustainable life to the upcoming generation by preserving ample amount of water for them. (ANI)