Rajasthan Govt. institutionalising corruption: Sachin Pilot

ANI | Updated: Oct 21, 2017 18:29 IST

New Delhi [India], Oct 21 (ANI): Congress leader Sachin Pilot on Saturday accused the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of institutionalising corruption.

Slamming the Ordinance protecting government officials from media probe Pilot said, "I am absolutely shocked by how the state government is trying to institutionalise corruption."

Pilot further asserted that the Rajasthan government's aim to hide their corrupt activities was the main motive behind the amendment.

"State government is trying to safeguard interest of people through whom they conduct corruption scandals in Rajasthan," Pilot said.

Rajasthan government earlier in the day passed an ordinance protecting both serving and former judges, magistrates and public servants in Rajasthan from being investigated for on-duty action without prior sanction.

According to the ordinance, 180 days of immunity is provided to the officers. If no decision is taken on the sanction after the stipulated period, sanction will be automatically granted.

The ordinance is an amendment to the Criminal Code of Procedure, 1973 and also restricts publishing name, address, photograph, and family details of the public servants. (ANI)