'Unique Sangeeta Memorial Hospital' in Jaipur diagnoses diseases using Medical Science and Astrology.  [Photo/ANI]
'Unique Sangeeta Memorial Hospital' in Jaipur diagnoses diseases using Medical Science and Astrology. [Photo/ANI]

Rajasthan: Patients diagnosed with help of astrology at this hospital

ANI | Updated: May 28, 2019 10:42 IST

Jaipur (Rajasthan) [India], May 28 (ANI): Unique Sangeeta Memorial Hospital situated in the Pink City is now diagnosing patients with the help of astrology. Doctors here said that using astrology in medical science is not only helping them to detect the disease but is also providing required psychological counseling to the patients.
This Astro-Medical Hospital is situated in the Jaipur's Vaishali Nagar area.
"Here we are trying to incorporate astrology into medical sciences. It surely helps us to detect the disease among the patients. In Indian culture, astrology holds a lot of importance. We have one astrologer here Pandit Akhilesh Sharma. When the patient comes to us, we first ask them to give their date of birth and the time they were born at. A proper Kundli is made and is then the astrologer delve into the problems of the patient," said Dr Mahesh Kulkarni, Surgeon.
"Till now we have attended 70 cases and the astrologer had predicted the diseases exactly same what was detected during the medical diagnosis. Astrology is surely both doctors and patients. When a patient comes, he is subjected to astrological evaluation and astrological diagnosis. The medical and astrological diagnoses are then compared. Treatment is done with advanced technology but we take the help of astrology for diagnosis. Patients are satisfied," he added.
At present, a total of 22 staff members including five doctors are working in the hospital. Apart from that, Pandit Akhilesh Sharma is also a part of the team.
"I see 25-30 kundli every day. We use astrology for diagnosis only, for treatment we use Medical Science. We do it so that diagnosis is correct and no time is wasted, " said Pandit Akhilesh Sharma.
This team is preparing a new course with the integration of medical sciences and astrology streams which will be called astronomical sciences. Besides, this institute will soon start training sessions for the other staff members in the same discipline. (ANI)