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Ayodhya seer Jagadguru Paramhans (Photo/ANI)
Ayodhya seer Jagadguru Paramhans (Photo/ANI)

Ramcharitmanas row: Ayodhya seer Jagadguru Paramhans announces Rs 500 to anyone who brings Swami Prasad Maurya's head

ANI | Updated: Jan 28, 2023 05:00 IST

Ayodhya (Uttar Pradesh) [India], January 28 (ANI): Ayodhya seer Jagadguru Paramhans on Friday demanded immediate action against Samajwadi Party MLC Swami Prasad Maurya over his remark on Ramcharitmanas, an epic Hindu religious book which is based on Ramayana.
He further said that he would give a reward of Rs 500 to anyone who will bring Maurya's head as this is his "status".
On Sunday, Maurya considered a prominent OBC leader in Uttar Pradesh had sought a ban on the work composed by the 16th-century poet-saint Tulsidas alleging that Dalits and women have been "insulted" in Ramcharitmanas.
The SP leader said, "I don't have any issue with Ramcharitramanas but parts of it have insulting comments and sarcasm directed at particular castes and sects. Those should be removed."
Maurya further claimed that in the Ramcharitmanas, which was composed by Tulsidas, there are words hurting the sentiments of the Dalit community.

While talking to ANI, Paramhans said, "For a leader, all religions are equal. People across the country are upset about his statement on Ramcharitramans, especially women and Dalits. In the Ramcharitrmanas, women and Dalits have been respected. All daughters and mothers are sad about his statement.
"The Dalit will file an FIR against Swami Prasad Maurya. If no action is being taken against Swami Prasad Maurya. I will give Rs 500 to anyone who brings Prasad's head, Rs 300 to the person who brings his tongue and Rs 200 to whoever brings his nose because this is his status," he added.

Meanwhile, Ramjanmabhoomi temple chief priest Acharya Satyendra Das told ANI, " See, his courage to speak such things is increasing due to support by the Akhilesh Yadav. He is speaking against the Ramayan, God, etc, why is he speaking on the scared test like Ramcharitmanas after coming to the Samajwadi Party?"
"He never spoke about such things while he was in BSP and BJP. He was never given freedom to speak such things while he was in SP and BSP. He has become a mad dog," he added.
Meanwhile, on Tuesday, Swami Prasad Maurya has been booked over his remark on Ramcharitmanas, an epic Hindu religious book which is based on Ramayana.
The FIR against the Samajwadi Party MLC has been lodged at Hazratganj police station in Lucknow on the basis of a complaint by one Shivendra Mishra. (ANI)