Ramdev gives 'Deeksha' to 85 religious scholars in Haridwar

ANI | Updated: Mar 25, 2018 16:53 IST

Haridwar (Uttrakhand) [India], Mar. 25 (ANI): Yoga Guru Ramdev on Sunday gave 'Deeksha' (initiation ceremony into asceticism) to 85 religious scholars in Haridwar on the occasion of Ram Navmi.

Speaking about the benefits of fasting, the yoga guru gave a mantra and urged scholars to meditate and live their life with discipline.

Here, the female scholars are offering their hair as part of the initiation ceremony into asceticism.

Out of the chosen 85 scholars, 50 are Brahmachari (male celibates) and 35 Brahmacharinis (female celibates). The scholars were asked tough questions related to the four Vedas before being selected. A village for these scholars is also under development so that they can spend their lives and dedicate themselves towards spirituality.

This Ram Navami completed 23 years of Ramdev's sannyasa. For this, 85 theologians were initiated into asceticism. (ANI)