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Vishnu Avatar Ramleela Committee organised Ramleela in North East Shastri Park. Photo/ANI
Vishnu Avatar Ramleela Committee organised Ramleela in North East Shastri Park. Photo/ANI

Ramleela held at Delhi's Shastri Park with COVID-19 protocols in place

By Manish Gupta | Updated: Oct 23, 2020 07:47 IST

New Delhi [India], October 23 (ANI): After receiving permission from the Delhi government and police, Vishnu Avatar Ramleela Committee has organised Ramleela at Shastri Park amid COVID-19.
The Ramleela has been conducted in compliance with all COVID-19 preventive measures and two persons wearing PPE kits come on the stage of Ramleela before the show starts and asked people to maintain social distancing.
The seating has been arranged for around 1,500 people and artists from Nataraj Kala Kendra are performing in the Ramleela.
Thakur Prem Pal Singh, president of the committee, told ANI, "Due to coronavirus, it was extremely difficult that we could present Ramleela this time, for the last 19 years, we have been presenting this Ramleela in a very big manner but this time Ramleela has been commissioned with the COVID-19 guidelines creating several boundaries. We are taking care of everything and Ramleela is running well.
Harish Choudhary, chairman of the cmmittee, "Everything in this Ramleela has been procured from various places like the decoration has been done by the people who came from Mathura. These artists who are playing characters are from Nataraj Kala Kendra and we were trying to work with them for so long and now during the COVID-19, we have got the opportunity to work with them. There is a seating arrangement of about 1,500 people. Social distancing is being followed. There is a sanitisation machine at the gate and before the Ramleela starts, two persons wearing PPE tell everyone to maintain social distancing."
Meanwhile, the artist playing the role of Lord Laxman told ANI, "During days, I work in online grocery platform and in night, I play the character of Lakshman in Ramleela. It was difficult for me to get ten days leave, so I am working day and night." (ANI)