Man spraying bio-decomposer on stubble (Photo/ANI)
Man spraying bio-decomposer on stubble (Photo/ANI)

Rapid bio-decomposer contains 7 different microorganisms with multi-enzyme complex: ICAR-IARI scientist

ANI | Updated: Sep 24, 2021 15:47 IST

By Joymala Bagchi
New Delhi [India], September 24 (ANI): The Indian Agricultural Research Institute's 'rapid' bio-decomposer comprises seven different micro-organisms with a multi-enzyme complex that helps to decompose the agri residue fast and prepares the farmland for the next crop in 20-25 days.
With the aim to stop stubble burning leading to air pollution, the Delhi government in association with the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), Pusa developed a bio-decomposer capsule. These capsules can be converted into a solution to be sprayed on crop stubble in the farmlands. Once sprayed on the fields, the solution decomposes the stubble into compost in 20 days.
Speaking to ANI, Dr Sunil Pabbi, Head, Division of Microbiology, ICAR- IARI, PUSA said, "The rapid bio-decomposer is a microbial solution that can turn stubble into manure. It is a four-capsule kit and is a consortium of seven different organisms, which have multi-enzyme complex within them to degrade the agri residues. Pusa institute has come up with PUSA decomposer technology, which is a four capsule kit so that it is easy to carry and store. A solution is needed to be prepared for spraying this. The process has started today so that by the time of harvesting, the solution will be ready for spray."

He further said this product has been developed taking into consideration two crops. After the paddy harvest, these very efficient organisms present in this formulation help decomposing agri residue fast within a very short period so that the next crop can be sown there.
Dr Loveleen Shukla, Principal Scientist and Microbiologist said, "The decomposition happens faster and it takes between 20 to 25 days. By the end of this time limit, farmers can easily sow other crops."

Last year around 300 farmers used this in 1,950 acres and this time it is expected that 844 farmers with 4,200 acres will be using it.
Union Environment Minister Bhupendra Yadav on Thursday held a review meeting with officials from Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi regarding stubble burning, which is considered to be one of the major factors behind the deterioration of air quality in the national capital.
The environment ministers of all the states concerned including Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Delhi were asked to take all the steps in an effective manner.
The Delhi government will start preparing the bio-decomposer solution from Friday and by October 5 it will be prepared. The government will spray the solution free of cost in the farmlands.
Notably, last year the spray was done only in fields growing non-Basmati rice but this year the government has planned to spray the solution in all fields including that growing Basmati rice.
The Delhi government has made a committee of 25 members to reach out to farmers and execute the drive. The farmers only need to fill forms and the government will spray the bio-decomposer solution on their field for free.
For now, the preparation is being made for around 4,000 acres.
According to the Delhi government, last year Rs 25 lakh was spent on this entire drive and this time, the estimated expenditure will be around Rs 50 lakh. (ANI)