A representative image of a Palmetto M4 assault rifle
A representative image of a Palmetto M4 assault rifle

Recovery of high powered American-made assault rifles from terror suspects alarms security agencies, triggers alert

Ankur Sharma | Updated: Feb 03, 2020 16:21 IST

By Ankur Sharma
New Delhi [India], Feb 3 (ANI): Recovery of high powered American-made assault rifles from terrorists killed by security forces last week at Srinagar's Bann toll plaza has raised alarm among security forces deployed in Jammu and Kashmir.
According to the CRPF sources, forces have recovered American made MP4 guns, which are rare, but this time they were equipped with night vision screens. Interestingly, these terrorists were from new infiltration from Kathua.
An MP4 gun can be fitted with many accessories, such as night vision devices, suppressors, laser pointers, telescopic, etc, which makes it more deadly.
Forces have also recovered Chinese made pistols and live grenades, hand grenades, etc in large numbers after neutralizing the terrorists.

Well placed sources have claimed that there are almost a dozen weapons that are either extremely rare or never recovered.
"Militant groups having access to night screens is alarming for the forces. Though forces are obviously better equipped to deal with any attack but the accessibility of high tech war equipment and such guns is a big concern," a senior CRPF official told ANI.
According to the sources, a list has been prepared by the security forces which has total 53 items includes M4 carbine with night screen, Night screen battery, Glock 17 pistol and it's magazine and rounds, MOD CF 98 Chinese black star pistol, it's magazine and rounds, Kirnkov rifle, Chinese hand grenades, and live grenades.
"Earlier, forces have recovered M4 carbine in Srinagar but those were without night screens" official claimed.
Another major concern for the security forces is the dynamites and remote-controlled IEDs.
The recovery also includes armor-piercing ammunition which can damage level 3 bulletproof vests. Forces have recovered a total of 53 items, which includes, guns, ammunition, grenades, Indian and Saudi Arabian currency, etc.
"After the recovery, we can say that a massive attack has been foiled by security forces especially men deployed at Bann toll plaza. We have also beefed up security and continuously following drills," a CPRF official claimed.
On 31 st January, An Encounter was done by security forces neutralizing three terrorists at Bann Toll Plaza, Nagrota, Jammu. "These terrorists were a newly infiltrated group who were on the way to Srinagar. They suspectedly infiltrated from Kathua, Hiranagar. An investigation is on," Dilbag Singh, DGP J-K police had told ANI. (ANI)